Food is all about color. Think about how much time is spent on food photography. On food packaging. On food presentation. Think about how consumers view the foods they consume. Research studies show that a rich, vibrant color is an indicator of quality, of freshness, of taste. A brighter orange suggests better tasting orange juice. A brighter red indicates fresher tomatoes. Processed foods, dependent on image and brand loyalty, must maintain a consistent look and appearance every time. Easy enough said, but getting the color right consistently is a demanding task.
The food industry continues to exert pressure on processors to provide more product options, to accelerate process time, and to cut costs. For processors, this added stress requires solutions that improve flexibility without sacrificing quality control.
Color measurement technology provides just such a solution — a practical, common sense approach to increasing overall efficiency. 3nh provides a selection of tools to meet a range of process requirements. 3nh is a global leader in quantitative color measurement and visual analysis. We pioneer innovative solutions that are scalable from a single location to a global, multi-facility enterprise. The results are improvements in productivity, time-to-market, and profitability.
3nh’s product portfolio offers solutions that evaluate color accurately from incoming shipment to processing. 3nh color communication tools contribute to: cost savings through reduced product waste, minimal production downtime, elimination of off-color product, seamless management of the color process through a global supply chain or multiple locations, and increased customer goodwill and satisfaction.