3nh Innovation from Products to Marketing Mode

3nh high-quality colorimeter has well received by the market because of the technological innovation. Our colorimeter has taken four innovation patents which is the rare innovation resolution in the industry.
Camera locating, even can measure the line-like color block which cannot be measured by conventional colorimeter, but it’s easy for 3nh colorimeter. Illumination locating is also a very fast and practical patent technology. In the past, people use human eyes or add complex locating device to achieve locating. Now, illumination locating can easily solve this problem. Auto calibration at startup is a new function. It was only used in some desktop before. But in portable colorimeter, 3nh is the first company to use auto calibration at startup. 3nh’s 8mm extended measuring aperture can fully display the function to measure the concave surface.
With the technological innovation, we also have marketing mode innovation in order to let more customers know innovation, experience innovation and enjoy the convenience, benefit and value of innovation.
Three Main Parts of 3nh Marketing Mode Innovation
● 3nh has launched the free “old for new” activity (replacement of imported or domestic old colorimeter). For more detailed information, please visit our website.
● Direct selling and distribute, a 50-50 split
3nh core partner, the share of direct selling is 50%. The selling from distributor accounts for 50%. This innovation marketing mode is 3nh’s bold attempt.
3nh has developed customers through its own efforts. The technology of 3nh colorimeter is in place and also 3nh provides customization service. Customers will not buy the wrong product and not spend a penny. 3nh selects authorized dealers who have certain influence in industry, have its own sales team, marketing network, unique sales mode, regional advantages and loyal customers.
The competition between distributors also exists. But through special supply control and the report system with quality service, the distributors can develop their own customers or provide nearest service. 50% competitions will occur in distributors and core agent or 3nh. Such competition is not vicious. 3nh and its core agent can compromise, coordinate and protect the customers, and assist in providing more services.
●  Customized Service
3nh has strong R&D team and we have independent intellectual properties on all our products and technology. Customized service according to customer requirement is 3nh’s biggest highlights. Through customization, we can meet customer needs and also share special profits with distributors.