Classification and application of colorimeter

       Colorimeter can measure the color of various surfaces,including but not limited to glass,metal,plastic,paper,fabric,etc.They come in a variety of sizes,including portable units,large desktop units,and in-line units that measure color directly on the production line.

       Applications of colorimeter:

  1.Product color quality control

  In the actual production of enterprises,color deviations may occur in batch production.In order to control product color deviations within a certain acceptable range,the production line must use a colorimeter to conduct color quality testing to monitor the color deviation of the product.When there is When the color deviation exceeds the acceptable range,the production process will be adjusted to ensure the color quality of the product;

  2.Auxiliary color matching of paint,spray,ink,etc.

  When a company receives a standard sample from a customer,it needs to prepare a color consistent with the standard sample.This process requires repeated proofing and making of samples.When there is no instrument to measure the color difference between the standard sample and the sample,the human eye is basically relied on to judge the difference between the sample and the sample.Color difference of standard samples.Due to the subjective factors of the human eye,problems such as long proofing cycle,high proofing cost,low color accuracy,and difficulty in measuring color differences are caused.

  The colorimeter can quickly measure the color difference between standard samples and specimens,giving accurate quantitative data,which is fast,convenient and reduces the uncertainty of human eye observation.The measurement data of the colorimeter can show the color deviation of the sample relative to the standard sample.Therefore,the colorimeter measurement data can be used to assist in correcting the color formula and shortening the proofing cycle.

  3.Color transfer

  International and national colors are based on ideal black and white boards instead of instruments as standards.Therefore,when customers have heard of color cards or standard samples,they can use a colorimeter to assist in color matching and color quality control,and they can accurately Achieve color reproduction and ensure accurate color transmission.


  Classification of colorimeter:

  Colorimeter can be divided into the following categories according to measurement methods and functions:

  Handheld colorimeter:Although this type of colorimeter can directly read relevant data,it cannot be connected to a computer and does not have software.It is an easy-to-use and cheap device,but because of its low accuracy,it is difficult to measure colorimetric data.It is not recommended for industries with strict requirements.

  Portable colorimeter:This type of colorimeter can directly read relevant data or be connected to a computer.It also comes with software.It is small in size,very convenient to carry around,has relatively high accuracy,and is priced at a mid-range price.

  Desktop colorimeter:This device has a special reading window.After connecting to the computer,you can use color measurement or color matching software to better analyze the color situation.Its color measurement and color matching functions are very powerful and belong to a class of products.This kind of equipment is relatively large in size and has relatively stable performance.The price of this equipment is often relatively expensive.

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