Measure the color difference of toiletries using YS6060 colorimeter

In the production of toiletries, color consistency is crucial. It not only affects the appearance of the product, but also affects consumers' purchasing decisions. In order to ensure product color consistency, many manufacturers choose to use YS6060 colorimeter to monitor and adjust color during the production process. This article will introduce how to use the YS6060 colorimeter to ensure the color consistency of toiletries.

1. Understand color measurement standards

Before starting to use the YS6060 colorimeter, it is very important to understand the color measurement standards. Commonly used color measurement standards include CIE Lab*, CIE LCh°, and ISO brightness. These standards can help you measure and compare colors more accurately.

2. Choose the appropriate measurement location

Choosing the right measurement location is key to ensuring color consistency. In toiletries, different ingredients and additives may affect color stability. Therefore, it is very important to choose a representative measurement location. For example, for shampoo, it can be measured at the center of its liquid; for products such as shower gel, dishwashing liquid, it can be measured at the smooth part of its surface.

3. Illustration of usage steps


4. How to use YS6060 color meter

1. Preparation for starting up. If you have time, it is best to preheat the machine for ten minutes;

2. Carry out black and white correction to improve the accuracy of the machine;

3. Select the appropriate measurement mode;

4. Place the sample to be tested into the transmittance measurement port and fix it with a clamp;

5. Switch to sample measurement and measure the color difference value of the item;

6. Read the data: Press the measurement button, the instrument will display the color difference value of the sample (usually the L, a, b value in the Lab value), and record the value.

7. Repeated measurements: In order to obtain more accurate results, you can measure multiple times and take the average.

8. Result analysis: Conduct result analysis based on the measured data to understand whether there is color difference in the product.

5. YS6060 color meter video tutorial

6. Advantages of YS6060 color meter:

1. High measurement accuracy;

2. The measurement speed is fast and the time is short;

3. The operation is simple and you can learn it once you learn it.