Technical characteristics and video tutorial for YS6060 colorimeter

The desktop spectrophotometer YS6060 is a high-performance colorimeter with the advantages of accurate measurement, easy operation, stability and reliability. It adopts advanced optoelectronic technology and algorithms, which can quickly and accurately measure various parameters of sample color, such as color difference, color saturation, brightness, etc. YS6060 is a domestically produced desktop grating spectrophotometer independently developed by 3nh company, fully possessing independent intellectual property rights. It features a TFT true color 7-inch capacitive touch screen, full light source, and lighting modes of reflection D/8 ° and transmission D/0 ° (including UV/UV exclusion measurement). It measures colors accurately and stably, has a large storage capacity, and powerful PC expansion function, and is used for precise color analysis and transmission in laboratories.

Technical characteristics of the desktop spectrophotometer YS6060:

1. High hardware configuration: 7-inch TFT pure color capacitive touch screen; Concave grating;

2. Dual array 256 pixel CMOS detector; High lifetime stable full spectrum LED/UV LED;

3. Measurement of sample reflection and transmission spectra, Lab data is accurate and can be used for color matching and precise color transfer;

4. Automatic caliber recognition, Φ 25.4/15/8/4mm four different calibers can be switched freely, while also considering the special needs of customers;

5. Temperature monitoring and compensation, with built-in temperature sensors to monitor and compensate for the testing environment, ensuring more accurate measurement results;

6. The testing wavelength range is 360~780nm, with built-in 400nm cutoff/420nm cutoff, making UV testing more professional;

7. Independent light source detector, constantly monitoring changes in light sources to ensure their reliability;

8. Multiple measurement modes: quality management mode, sample mode, to meet the needs of more customers;

9. Multiple optional accessories: Reflective sample clamping tool, transmission fixing frame, 4mm microporous transmission fixture, inverted instrument testing fixture, suitable for more working conditions;

10. Large capacity storage space, capable of storing approximately 40000 test data;

11. Built in camera for framing and positioning;

12. PC software has powerful expansion capabilities.

Desktop spectrophotometer YS6060 video tutorial:


Desktop spectrophotometer YS6060 Application areas:

Used for precise color analysis and transmission in the laboratory; Plastic electronics, paint and ink, textile and clothing printing and dyeing, printing, paper products, automotive, medical, cosmetics, and food industries are widely used in color transfer and quality control in scientific research institutions, laboratories, and other industries.